Why Other World Press

In a world full of companies and corporations obsessed with their bottom line, Other World Press is committed to transparency, value, and excellence in service.

Honesty is essential in everything, both business and personal. Other World Press strives to be be transparent in all transactions, information, and consultations. If a question or concern has not been addressed please contact us. There will never be hidden fees or prices tacked on at the end of an order. What you see is what you get. Because of the transparency of well-known authors in the publishing industry, writers forced to do work for little-to-no pay now know their worth. We want to be a part of that. Our blog, coming soon, will have moreĀ about how authors and writers benefit from discussions of fees and incomes.

In an increasingly competitive world, consumers are more and more discerning with their dollar. The writing, editing, and publishing world seems to be inherently expensive. Veteran authors, emerging writers, and even established self-published authors can easily spend thousands of dollars a year on conferences, webinars, courses, books, and products to help in their writing and publishing journey. At Other World Press our goal is to grow our business, but to also keep costs down so that all those who want to improve their writing craft and publish books can do so. Amongst other things, we are an earth-friendly business with a minimal paper-trail and have no brick-and-mortar location so as to reduce overhead and keep prices down for you.

Service is key in any business, and Other World Press wants to ensure an enjoyable, productive, and no-hassle experience. From the initial request for services to the final email or call, we will be professional, courteous and understanding. We always want you, the client, to be satisfied with our services. Every communication we receive will be answered within 48 hours.

Whatever you might need, rest assured you wil receive honesty, affordable pricing, and a professional experience if you choose Other World Press.

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