$180 per hour for all consultations. (Students in high school or elementary school are entitled to a 40% discount). Minimum of one half hour, with a half down payment before the call happens. A time for the call is determined, and Other World Press will call you. If not picked up immediately, Other World Press will call back two more times. In order to keep your deposit, any cancellations of a consultation call must be done with two hours notice.

Your consultation includes the following:

  1. During the initial request you give us a two page, 12 pt font-double spaced, sample of your writing and we will review it in preparation for your consultation. (This is optional)
  2. Again during the initial request, for every half hour of consultation you will include three questions you’d like answered or three topics you wish to discuss and we will research and prepare for these specific questions and subjects.
  3. After your phone consultation you will receive a follow-up email clarifying any topics and questions that were discussed.

Note: For all US and International clients, you must have a Skype or Zoom account as all consultation calls are placed through one of these.

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Novel Critiques

$350 for a novel of up to 100K words, with a half down payment before the work is started. (Students in high school or elementary school are entitled to a 40% discount). There is a charge of an additional $20 for each additional 10K words. Turn over time for a critique is on a first-come, first-serve basis and averages 3-5 business days.

Your Critique includes the following:

  1. A full reading of your novel. Half way through the novel an “Initial Reactions” half page summary.
  2. After the novel is finished, a minimum two page critique with details and impressions on plot (including conflict, and plot arc) characterization (including motivations, development, relationships, misbehavior, journey, and dialogue) pacing, world believability, and world building skill (including magic, races, geography, social structure, society(ies), and religious structure).
  3. Unlimited follow-up emails answering any questions you have about the critique for two weeks following delivery of a completed critique.

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