Whether you’re stuck on where your plot should go next or need a way to flesh out your characters and the world they live in, Other World Press can help. Consultations can be about a variety of topics, whatever you feel you need,¬†although¬†we specialize in adding more depth and more detail to the world of your novel. For writers there is nothing like discussing your novel live with another writer. Chat and emails are one thing, and there are a vast number of writing coaches/courses online, but there is nothing like the feeding energy of another speaking with another writer who gets excited about your book and excited about helping you. Too many best-selling novels have lack-lustre or flat worlds, where details fall through and logic doesn’t just take a back seat, it’s non-existent. This is how Other World Press is different, in every consultation you are speaking live with another writer.

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Whether you’re just starting your first novel or a veteran writer working on your sixth best-seller, all writing benefits from another pair of eyes. A critique means one of our staff will read through your entire manuscript and afterward you will receive two pages of in-depth comments on plot, character, pacing, setting, believability, and world-building. After the initial critique, there is unlimited follow-up emails for the two weeks immediately following delivery of your critique. We specialize in fantasy and science fiction.
Please note:
We do not take erotic, contemporary, or literary novels.

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