We are committed to making every fictional world out there the best it can be.

OTHER WORLD PRESS was formed to bring great speculative fiction to the world. Through in-depth critiques for writers, specific consultations for authors, and by publishing fabulously creative novels, we accomplish this. Anything science-fiction, fantasy, or supernatural and it’s in our wheelhouse.

All of the above topics are things we want to help you with. If you are unsure whether or not we can help with a particular subject please contact us, and we will get back to you promptly.

Books Critiques

Whether you’re just starting your first novel or a veteran writer working on your sixth best-seller, all writing benefits from another pair of eyes

Regional Publisher

We are a regional publisher that is a leading company in knowing the most current information about the publishing industry and a top innovative tech company for publishing, including e-books and audio-books.


We have a consultation division that does one-on-one consultations through phone/skype and larger consultations and lessons through high school classrooms, in person workshops, and senior living activities.

We are growing!

Committed to helping authors at a reasonable price. With a goal of being transparent and forcing other big publishers to do the same and give more to their authors.


We want to aid all authors to build better fantasy and science-fiction worlds and have confidence in their writing. We also will release high-quality Canadian fantasy and science-fiction novels throughout the year.